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Sarasota Salvage

Are you ready for a real photographic adventure? Look [...]

Alligator Yawn

We couldn't believe our luck! As we stood on [...]

Florida Aerials

Flying a drone in Florida is an absolute delight! [...]

Alligator Collision

Myakka State Park in Florida is an amazing place. [...]

Salt Creek Pupfish In Death Valley

Death Valley, located in California, is not only known [...]

Harbor Seal In Gold Beach Oregon

Gold Beach, Oregon, is home to a diverse range [...]

Cat Face Spider

The Cat Face Spider   During our exploration in [...]

Great Blue Heron, Gular Flutter

Gular Fluttering The Great Blue Heron and many other [...]

Gallinule Episode 1, In The Nest

The Photo The photo above is of the Purple [...]